Thursday, 16 October 2014

Street Art Exmouth Style (Part 6)


Daubed upon the wall of a seemingly derelict building in one of the old back streets in the heart of Exmouth, an incongruous piece of graffiti hangs in view of all who pass by. Its origin, its meaning and to what it refers has long been forgotten over the many years it's been there. It's neither a statement, a slogan or a declaration but a question, and it's precisely this that makes it so beguiling. It may well have originally been put there with but one very simple meaning but to what it alluded has long since gone leaving it now to take on any meaning that anyone cares to bestow upon it. Or even no meaning at all.
If it wasn't before, it has now become a work of art and is as much a part of Exmouth as a freckle might be on the face of a child.
Let it fade in it's own right and let it never be erased because it's street art - Exmouth style.

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