Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Street Art Exmouth Style (Part 9)


They call them 'ghost signs'. Old, hand-painted murals on gable ends advertising products and businesses from a by-gone age. And it's an apt name to give them as they are indeed like ghosts from the past offering somewhat haunted glimpses into history.
They can be found on buildings in towns throughout Britain, and Exmouth is no exception. In fact, Exmouth can boast one of the most beautiful examples on a derelict, boarded-up building near to the centre of town. Yes, there really are boarded-up, derelict buildings in Exmouth and it's all the better here for them.
The ghost sign in question is a mural advertising a long-gone photo studio by the name of Memory Makers. I know nothing more about it than that. Which is rather fitting and also rather poignant.
Memory Makers: a place where memories were once saved but now itself fading from memory...


  1. I love ghost signs.... this is such a brilliant example. So fitting, as you say. I hope it never gets painted over, it would be lovely to see how it's looking in about 30 years' time!
    What does the one above say, too? Something about 'hygienic barley'?

  2. Hello. The one above says 'Law's Premier Hygenic Bakery', which essentially was a bakery employing modern (for its time) baking equipment leading to cleaner bread - as opposed to dirty bread.
    So you like ghost signs too? I admire your good taste in... well, everything, really.