Monday, 4 May 2015

Street Art Exmouth Style (Part 13)


I don't know what they put in the cider down here in Exmouth but I can guarantee you can enter any local pub on a Saturday night and be met by some bloke standing on a table with his wife's knickers on his head singing "Zider I up, landlord! Zider I up, landlord! Put more zider in my jug, I just can't get enough! Zider-I-up-landlord!" Over and over again. The more reasonable customers in the meantime are usually sat around urging each other to "Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff up thy snuff"; whilst over pints of Pernod and black (and cider chasers) their lady friends discuss the size of their husband's and boyfriend's nether regions.
Its an emotional experience, I can tell you.

Down at The Grove on the seafront things can sometimes take a turn for the weirder and there's been a few occasions when I've left that particular drinking den soaring ten miles high above the earth as life below turned into a Walt Disney cartoon. I've left there being able to touch sound and hear colours. It's really quite strange.

With this in mind, the pub sign for The Grove is a very apt work of art that serves not only as a warning but as a preview of how the world might look when you leave. I particularly like the little park bench at the centre of the painting, suggesting this is where you're going to end up sleeping that night.
It's probably one of the best pub signs in Exmouth.


  1. Couldn't resist saying that I proposed in the garden of The Grove - perhaps things would have turned out better if they'd had that sign up at the time, at the time we knew it more colloquially as The Grave - should've listened !