Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Exmouth Bound Soundtrack (Part 1)


Exmouth marks the western end of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and is serviced by First Great Western Railway. It's the last station stop on what is called the Avocet Line and by train, you can go no further. Exmouth is the end of the line and in more ways than one...

Travelling up and down this line almost every day of the week, we read our books or we all gaze out the windows, our iPhones providing the soundtrack to the world passing by outside...


  1. I've heard about this train line, it sounds like a great way to travel to/from work. I like your soundtrack choice here too and look forward to part 2 (and more?). I didn't think I'd want any more Zero 7 than this album as they can tend towards the soporific for me, but find I really like some of their more recent output which has something of an updated sound (do you know 'Simple Science' and 'Don't Call It Love'?)
    Hope you enjoy the Christmas break, John - and I'm tempted to rewind a few decades and wish you a 'Merry Crassmas'!

    1. Bless you, C. I'm glad you know of Zero 7 but I thought you might as I remember you once saying you liked Nouvelle Vague, who are vaguely similar, I feel. I've not heard anything recent by Zero 7 but as I respect your taste (in a lot of things, actually, not just music), I shall check it out.
      And merry Crassmas to you to! And remember (or at least be aware) - the whole world loves you.