Saturday, 9 July 2016

Guilty Pleasures (Part 12)


He's back and he's bad. Back to get what's his. He's mean, he's keen, he's a loving machine.
Down here in Exmouth we're only in it for the sex and the drugs, and all the rest is propaganda. So suck on this, motherfuckers. Sex Pistols at the 100 Club? The Stones at Altamont? Elvis in Vegas? We shit 'em. Neil Diamond at the Exmouth Pavilion is where it's at and you knows it. Celebrating 50 years of hits. And it's not even the real Neil Diamond! How much more disorientated can you get without the aid of mind-altering drugs?
See you all there, cock-knockers.
All together now: "Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good. I've been inclined, to believe they never would..."

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