Sunday, 21 January 2018

Under Exmouth Skies (Part 42)


It's not all sun, sea and frolicking on the beach down in Exmouth, you know? There are also the woods. If you walk into any pub in Exmouth, however, and ask about the goings-on in those woods at night, you'll be immediately stonewalled.
"We don't know nothing about such things in here and we think you'd best drink up and be on your way," you'll be told.
"But surely," you might respond "Something goes on in the woods at night what with all the chanting, the lit fires and the screams?"
To which the Landlord will pull out a shotgun and lay it on the bar and say "I think it's best you leave."
Come to Exmouth, try it and see...


  1. It’s why I’ve had to leave town, it’s no teddy bears’ picnic down there....