Friday, 18 May 2018

Guilty Pleasures (Part 18)


A pale imitation of a shadow of the Bee Gees is better than no Bee Gees at all, as they say. And like God, if the Bee Gees didn't exist they would have to be invented. Which brings us neatly to Jive Talkin' who, according to the Wakefield Express are the 'original and best Bee Gees tribute act in the world'. And who would dare argue with the Wakefield Express?

The Bee Gees, of course, were once anathema to a generation incubated in the white heat of Punk Rock and suckled on the flaccid teats of everything alternative when the word actually meant 'alternative' and not just the same old shit covered in a layer of talcum powder.
Oh, how we laughed at those who took the Bee Gees seriously and who saw them even as role models. Saturday Night Fever was in no way the soundtrack to our lives as we vandalised the Council estates in which we were born. Far from it. The Bee Gees were bereft of sex and drugs and revolution and therefore held no meaning or appeal to us in the slightest.

When the mode of the music changes, however, the walls of the city shake. The wheel of the world keeps on turning bringing everything eventually full circle and here we all are now and just look where we're at. Nowadays it seems the alternative to the 'alternative' is a Bee Gees tribute act playing at the Exmouth Pavilion for £18.50 a ticket. Who'd have thought?
And will I be there? You bet! With my Cuban heels, my feather boa and my open-neck shirt I'll be dancing my clogs off and strutting my stuff til the break of dawn and the sun is shining on the cow shed.
See you on the dance floor...

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