Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Street Art Exmouth Style (Part 7)


In a shop doorway on Rolle Street in Exmouth is a beautiful picture of the sun composed of tiles on a wall. And I've seen that as people walk by going about their daily business they pay this picture not a blind bit of notice. Either they're oblivious to it, they're otherwise engaged, or they're simply not interested. Whatever the reason, it seems to go unnoticed. And there's a kind of sadness about this because it begs the question 'what else goes unnoticed?' Do people not see any of the other works of art around them? Do they not see all the other faces around them? Do they not notice the real sun in the sky? Or the clouds, or the moon, or the stars? Do they not notice the world? Do they not love the world? Do they not love the clouds, the moon, or the stars? Do they not love the sun?


  1. Once upon a time I used to walk past this three or four times a week to go to the (compulsory) Job Club at the top of the stairs in a dank office with bare walls and taps that froze solid in the icy winter. It was the only bright thing about the place, and still very lovely even now.

    It is indeed street art of the highest order (although I have always suspected that the strange clothes shop nearby is actually a piece of performance art, for I have never seen anyone enter and nothing in the window would suit anyone not already in late middle age by 1950).

    1. Hello. Glad to hear I'm not the only one to recognise this piece of art and to also recognise that Exmouth is actually a very strange place (though possibly not quite as strange as neighbouring Budleigh Salterton, what with its nudist beach and so on?). On the other side of the road to the sun art in Exmouth is a an office/shop called 'Ian Crook - Wealth Management Ltd'. You couldn't make it up, really. And then just at the junction of Exeter Road and The Parade there's a shop that sells nothing but wool. Balls of wool. I think something like that in this day and age is great, actually, but still very strange.
      I notice over at your blog you appear to have stopped writing? You should keep at it.